Paris - "Ooh La La"

March 2013

Lauren is an idea girl and loves to share them, Eivar brings those ideas to life! From weddings, to retreats, to corporate conferences, this department handles every client need. Home Gig just recently finished a French themed 40th birthday party in the wine cellar at Mooo… @ XV Beacon Street. it was very classic – but whimsical just like the birthday girl, think Moulin Rouge - with a touch of the Donny Wahlberg! Home Gig created the vimeo invitation and whimsical party accessories such as Birthday Girl Masks, PhotoBooth accessories, Fun Fact passports for the guest and thank you favors and gift bags which included a box of French macaroons.



Home Gig Creative Services

Welcome. Home Gig is a boutique creative agency in business since 2012 and growing daily. We are a powerhouse team able to reach a large network of clients with the ability to provide a wide range of design and creative needs. Home Gig specializes in home management, marketing planning, and creative services. We offer a variety of a la carte services to suit your marketing needs, including, rental refreshers; graphic design; event/photo shoot styling and staging; home management; and personal services. We would love to start a conversation about how we can help you with your current and long-term home and design needs.