New Year, New Opportunities!

In addition to another year marketing with clients Murdick’s Fudge Martha’s Vineyard, we are thrilled to announce new projects at Home Gig for 2016.

Event Styling:

This year brings additional work with special events and event styling with projects including a Summertime Wedding, a Spring Baby Shower and a Fall Bat Mitzvah. Themes we are working on include Baby Elephants, Forest Theme (we see foxes and raccoons in our future!) and a barn theme Bat Mirzvah – we like the idea of a “Ben’s Barn Mitzvah”.

Property Refreshers

We continue to be inspired by the beauty that surrounds us. The winter months bring travel to the Florida Keys to work on design upgrades to our client’s winter home and to Waterville Valley, NH to work on refreshing a ski cabin for our North Shore clients.

Brand Development

Are you passionate about beautiful Gardens?  At Home Gig we are super excited to be working with our new clients at Garden-Folly tours. Deserving of Bucket List Status, Garden-Folly tours provides intimate and luxurious travel tours focusing on the finest gardens throughout Italy, France and England.

Brand Development starts this spring when we “Get Lost in the Follies.”

Be Inspired ~ Lauren and Eivar

Fashion on the fields with Home Gig


The first Saturday in May is one of Home Gig's favorite traditions – watching The Kentucky Derby. We love everything about it – the horses, the hats, the people, the fashion, the mint juleps, the roses, the action, the stories behind the horses and the jockeys. Home Gig will be cheering on the races and celebrating the Sport of Kings and thoroughbred racing this Saturday!

At this year's Kentucky Derby, Boston has a horse in the race : Wicked Strong, named in the wake of the Marathon bombing, will donate 1 percent of his winnings to The One Fund:  #BostonStrong

Who’s your pick?

California Chrome

Wicked Strong


Vicars In Trouble


Dance with Fate

Wildcat Red

Intense Holiday



Social Inclusion


Candy Boy


General A Rod

Ride On Curlin

Ring Weekend

Medal Count


Strong Mandate

We Miss Artie

Uncle Sigh

Noble Moon

Tap It Rich


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