Happy Halloween from Home Gig


Here’s What’s Brewing at HOME GIG

Pumpkins are carved, grapes have been harvested, outdoor showers are turned off, wood has been stacked, spiced cider is on, costumes are queued up, and treats are prepared. We’re welcoming back the fall seasons wonderful aromas, beautiful colors, and biting breezes with open arms, how about you?  


October has been a thrilling month for Home Gig’s creative services. Our team has been working with our new clients– Every Soul and Off The Coast on brand development and marketing campaigns. There’s just something about helping people translate thoughts, visions, and ideas into great branding designs that gives us that warm fuzzy fall feeling.

Every Soul is a trendy, fun, and colorful beaded jewelry and accessory line created for and by every soul. We’re excited to be helping this start up with their creative marketing needs, including creating their logo and some some promotional marketing materials and were proud to show it off! Be sure to check out their featured skull-shamballa bracelet if you like Halloween, like US you will love this.  Skull beads + Shamballa style = awesome! The beads are made with Howlite, which is an extremely calming stone, said to relieve anxiety, tension and unreasonable anger and encourage patience and selflessness – Namaste we say!

Off the Coast is a women’s apparel line created as a homage to the spouses of the U.S. Coast Guard aka “Coasties”. Located on Cape Cod, this line will be the must have for Coasty wives and women alike. We’ve created the perfect fun bright and fresh nautical logo for them.

Here are some of our favorite memories from Halloween


Home Gig wishes you a happy and safe Halloween. 



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