Vineyard Construction Services, LLC Martha’s Vineyard

Vineyard Construction Services, LLC Martha’s Vineyard

Building a home is simple compared to laying the foundation for a strong brand for a home builder. In today’s complex landscape of social media, Internet, and growing global communities, building a successful brand is no small feat. When Vineyard Construction Services contacted Home Gig to discuss their corporate branding, website, brochure and social media planning, Home Gig’s team was able to share our process with them by laying the foundation for a strong brand for a home builder which aligned with their process and values.

Our strategy was similar to that of a custom home builder:

The results were a clean updated logo and brand message that were able to integrate with the awe-inspiring Professional photography by Brian Vandenbrink and Nat Rae. Head to the Vineyard Constructions web page and you’re hit with their mission statement in simple words, EXPERTISE & CRAFTSMANSHIP CREATING BUILDINGS THAT WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME. These concise messages have a big impact. They convey their images far more efficiently than a clutter of text with no tag line. A company that focuses on modern home designs should have a very different logo than one that produces homes with a historic feel. Our team produced a simple font and color pallet that would correspond with the home images.Building a home builder brand is a major project, but with the right tools you’ll see real results from your efforts. Keep in mind that it is as much about experiences as it is about images.

Vineyard Construction_Final_Logo.jpg

Home Gig Creative Services

Welcome. Home Gig is a boutique creative agency in business since 2012 and growing daily. We are a powerhouse team able to reach a large network of clients with the ability to provide a wide range of design and creative needs. Home Gig specializes in home management, marketing planning, and creative services. We offer a variety of a la carte services to suit your marketing needs, including, rental refreshers; graphic design; event/photo shoot styling and staging; home management; and personal services. We would love to start a conversation about how we can help you with your current and long-term home and design needs.