The Thanksgiving season is upon us and while we should be thankful all throughout the year, the holidays are a great time to think back, reflect, and enjoy the little things.

With our basic necessities of life (food, water & shelter) on top of the list, Here are just SOME of the things that Home Gig is thankful l for this year.


Family is the support you can always count on, the people you can call and depend on all your life. We feel fortunate and truly blessed to have the love and closeness of our families.



A very wise person once told me - “You’re health is your wealth.” Self care, balance, mediation, healthy nutrition, and exercise, it takes time but it’s worth the investment! Eivar is running 1/2 marathons to keep in shape and Lauren is practicing yoga and playing tennis.


We love our homes. Its the place where we start and end our day. In our cases its our office too. This year Lauren completed well needed repairs and updates including - a new roof, windows, interior painting, installed skylights and purchased new furniture and window treatments. She also removed dead trees and overgrowth around the property to enhance thelandscape. It feels good to make this financial and emotional investments and it supports the security that comes from homeownership.


Good friends are hard to come by. Good friends encourage us, motivate us, and support us. They're the people you call in an emergency and the ones that listen to you when you need a good ear. These awesome individuals may also be the ones you have a never-ending group chat with. Friends are the people that know you better than you know yourself and come swooping in just when you need them.

New Opportunities

The chance to travel, learning new skills, creating new alliances, new ideas - a new anything! New opportunities are new potential experiences, new memories. We are always open to new opportunities at Home Gig and are Thankful for the ones that come our way.  As Creatives we enjoy innovation and keeping ideas fresh. With our new Boston office in place, we are now able to service both our island and off island clients.


Being thankful for the tiny little treasures. Appreciate the value of happiness. Be thankful for the little moments, the ones that make you smile unexpectedly or laugh uncontrollably. Stop and smell the roses life is short, live in the moment.


Lauren and Eivar

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