"All Things Corduroy"

Corduroy textiles conjure up a number of connotations: for many of us it is the adorable Don Freeman picture book “Corduroy”, for some it is the fabric of a dependable work pant, or the name of track 8 of Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy, or grooved slopes of the freshly groomed ski slope. For others among us it is the velveteen ribbed texture that reminds us of the annual transition to our autumn wardrobe. Regardless of our personal associations, what makes the original corduroy textile unique is the way that it is both a luxurious velvet texture and a durable, inexpensive product at the same time. At Home Gig, it seems to us that it is precisely this dialectic quality that draws our attention to all things corduroy.

Home Gig recently had the opportunity to work with architect Dave Johnson of Skaala, LLC, and Bob Stafford and Mark Ellis of Carpenters and Co. to oversee the production of a design story on the “Corduroy” House to be featured in an upcoming edition of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine.


Day of the Shoot:

By the time photographer David Welch arrived to set up his cameras at the house for the photo shoot, Home Gig was ready with fresh cut flowers in hand and our car full of photoshoot essentials. Throughout the day Lauren was constantly on hand to finesse the details of each composition. Her experienced eye was able to direct the shoot to capture the interplay of light and shadow that runs throughout the dynamic space and makes the home a true architectural artifact.

The residence, dubbed “Corduroy House” early in its conception, combines the elements we love in vernacular agrarian architecture — shed roofs, exposed structural elements, reclaimed wood materials — seamlessly alongside a commitment to thoughtful architecture that takes advantage of long vantages across the space.


We were reminded again of the dynamic quality of corduroy when we met Lilly Croning at the Featherstone Reception this past week. She was spotted in a hand sewn ensemble she put together from thrift store finds. We never cease to be amazed by the transformative properties of human creativity and corduroy!

What does corduroy mean to you?


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