Home Gig is getting ready for the arrival of the newest member of our team ~ baby Nitsua. A baby shower has been in the making honoring baby Nitsua and Mommy Eivar and Daddy Austin.

A Nautical theme was a must for this Coast Guard husband and wife aka “Coasties” as we like to refer to them.

Using customized letterpress stamps designed by Eivar, each invitation was inked up and rolled out.  Blue and white bakers string hung as a clothes line around the invite and a mini whale onesie and a note asking for attendees to bring their favorite book hung on the “clothes line” secured by white grommets.

Since there would be 2 locations, Texas and Tennessee we had to make sure all information was carefully placed and legible. Other accouterments included S.S. Nitsua straws, baby blocks, napkins and plates.


As part of the nesting that occurs during pregnancy, crocheting came into play with the goody bag gifts creating nautical themed hanging towels and coasters for the attending guests. Never leaving out a detail, custom crochet fairy Godmother wands were given to Titi Lauren and Titi Wendy!


Working with Wendy from Tempting Senses, she helped us create an all natural custom made soap with honey and oatmeal. The baby’s name “Nitsua” (Austin (daddy) backwards) was imprinted in the soap, wrapped in a custom made label and tied with nautical colored bakers string.